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Mozambique's Investments in Water Supply, Santation, Education and Heath

Speaking to the guests at the inauguration ceremony, Guebuza stressed the advances Beira has made in recent years in such areas as water supply, sanitation, education and health.
He recalled that up until 2004 Beira used to suffer serious water problems, due to saline intrusion into the water supply. But due to government investment of 589 million meticais (22 million US dollars, at current exchange rates), Beira, and the town of Dondo, 30 kilometres to the west, now enjoy clean drinking water of high quality, available for more hours per day, and covering more people, than was the case five years ago

Encouraging levels of investment in Beira are changing the face of this port city, Mozambican President Armando Guebuza declared on Tuesday, after he inaugurated the new "VIP Inn Beira" Hotel.
Sanitation in Beira has long been a headache, but Guebuza stressed that a project costed at 2.3 billion meticais is now under way to solve this problem.
The President said that the current reconstruction of the Sena railway line, linking Beira port to the Moatize coal basin in Tete province, will give a further boost to the development of this part of central Mozambique. When the line is functioning it will enable millions of tonnes of coal a year, mined in Moatize, to be exported from Beira
The permanent dredging of the Beira port access channel, he added, thanks to the acquisition of a new dredging vessel, will allow larger ships to call at Beira. "The city of Beira has been recording important landmarks in the struggle against poverty", he declared.
Guebuza was accompanied at this ceremony by the governor of Sofala province, Alberto Vaquina, and by the mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango. In his capacity as leader of the newly formed Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), Simango is one of the candidates challenging Guebuza for the presidency in the elections of 28 October.
Guebuza's six day visit to Sofala province will culminate on Saturday with the inauguration of the new bridge over the Zambezi river, between Sofala and Zambezia provinces, which forms a key link in the country's main north-south highway.

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