Africa Trade AgreementsAfrica Trade Agreements

Africa Trade Agreements

SACU-USA Trade, Investment and Development Cooperration (TIDCA)

Countries Involved:Africa Economic Institute Botswana, Africa Economic Institute Lesotho, Africa Economic Institute South Africa, Africa Economic Institute Swaziland, Africa Economic Institute Namibia,
Area of Cooperation:Trade of goods and investments
Signed at: 2008

In 2001 SACU and the United States of America (USA) started a process aimed at concluding a Free Trade Agreement between the two sides. However, due to diverging views on a number of issues, in 2004 it was agreed to suspend this process and explore an alternative approach to improve trade relations between the two sides.

During February 2007, both sides agreed to enter into a Trade, Investment and Cooperation Agreement (TIDCA). This agreement will provide the framework for formal interaction between the two parties, while also providing a basis to enter into separate agreements on technical issue

On 2008 both sides signed the agreement, aimed at promoting investment and expanding and diversifying trade between SACU and the USA. It establishes a Consultative Group on Trade and Investment.

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