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Rwanda and Burundi join the East African Community Customs Union

Rwanda and Burundi recently joined the East African Community Customs Union, which is designed to increase the economic cooperation between its member countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

As described by a Press Release from the EAC, "In Rwanda, the Ri Honourable Makuza hailed Rwanda and Burundi's joining the Customs Union as a landmark achievement for the region, while pledging the government's support to ensuring the success of the Union." Makuza affirms that the Customs Union has resulted in "major benefits…to the regions in terms of increased trade and customs revenue".


The Secretary General of the East African Community said "this day marks a further stride in the integration journey of transforming EAC into a single and strong economic and ultimately political entity. The integration of EAC envisages a balanced and sustainable development in order to raise the standard of living of its people." He said that "the commencement of implementation of Customs Union in Rwanda and Burundi is therefore a turning point for which our region attaches immeasurable importance".


Rwanda joined due to its worries about its troubled manufacturing industries. The hope of some is to have the government help keep local firms running and ensuring consumer prices are reasonable.

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