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Exclusives FAQs

Can anyone submit an article?

Yes. We are open to submissions from anyone. AEDI Editors make their manuscript selections based on the quality of content and insightfulness of the prospective authors, not their institutional affiliations.

Are there formatting requirements (length, citation style, etc.) for my submission?

Yes. See the Submission Guidelines page for details.

Can I put an Exclusives article on my resume/CV?

Yes. Although we are not a peer-reviewed academic journal we do review and edit submissions and maintain high standards for publication.

Is the Exclusives referenced by academic indexing or database services.

No. Not at this time.

Are contributors paid for their Exclusives articles?

No. Paying contributors is not in the academic spirit of this publication.

Can I reprint my Exclusives article in another publication at a later time?

Yes, but you must obtain permission from AEDI to have your Exclusives article reprinted in another publication. Also, permission must be obtained each time you seek to republish the article. If permission to republish is granted, AEDI must be given credit as follows: "originally published in AEDI Exclusives, Vol. __, Issue___, [provide year published]."

Who owns the Copyright for a published Exclusives article?

Africa Economic Development Institute owns the copyright in any article you write for the AEDI Exclusives.