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AEDI publishes AEDI Exclusives, an original online publication on topics concerning international business and economics, specifically within and throughout Africa. Currently all issues of the Exclusives are available for free by browsing past issues via the archive.

AEDI Exclusives maintains the highest level of scholarly integrity; however, the AEDI Exclusives does not consider itself to be a purely academic journal. Therefore, AEDI is quite flexible in terms of the style and approach of prospective authors and does not seek to influence authors in their topic choice and encourages provocative yet substantive submissions.

Exclusives are published periodically when an appropriate number of articles have been received, reviewed and approved. This has generally been about one issue per month, but varies as events of interest happen and seasonal fluctuations in submissions occur.

All published articles are original works based on the research and analysis of the author. The views expressed or contained within the articles of the AEDI Exclusives represent the opinions of their respective authors alone and do not reflect the views of the Africa Economic Development Institute. Publication of an opinion or viewpoint within AEDI Exclusives does not reflect endorsement by the Africa Economic Development Institute. Because an official Institute-wide position would interfere with the intellectual independence of individual scholars and journalists, AEDI takes no institutional positions on policy issues or attempts to influence legislative bodies.